MavinApps gives life to your ideas and make them realities. We at MavinApps enjoy programming the mobile devices. Our multi-facetted team are energetic, passionate about their technologies and bring out their best on delivering the products.
Our idea centric development process covers the following services:
Idea Refinement / Prototyping
Evolve your ideas by making us to participate in your discovery phase. Share what’s in your mind with a closed circle to seek early feedback. By rapid prototyping, the ideas will develop iteratively in faster and better manner. The ideas will look tangible by using this service.
UI / UX Design
Create immersive user experience for your design by carefully crafting each element in the mobile design.
Cloud Based Services
We don't like to leave the apps alone, so we're matching them with state-of-the-art cloud based backends services.
App Development
We shape apps specific to your ideas, whether in entertainment or business fronts.
Publishing to Stores
We spare you the boring and time-consuming task of submitting your app to the different stores.
Digital Marketing
We exist to help brands embrace the creative and technological changes revolutionising all aspects of their business.
Maintenance and Support
We stand by you, evaluate the project's course and prepare for the next cycle to begin.